Blonde pairs the spice and depth of Old World hops with fresh, citrusy notes from the New World, rounded out with subtle maltiness and bright acidity. The hop flavor and aroma are unmistakable, but silky smooth and with a clean, crisp finish. Blonde is always drinkable, yet remarkably complex. This is the perfect beer for an afternoon session, or pair it up with bold flavors like spicy Thai or smoky BBQ.



Pale delivers astonishing hop taste and aroma without wearing out your palate. We have specially crafted Pale to blend nuanced European malts with delicious American hops for a beer with bountiful flavor and a surprisingly crisp finish. Goes perfectly with just about everything from a cheeseburger to a cheese plate.


Black starts with a bouquet of tropical hop aromas, builds up a rich flavor of fresh roasted malts, and finishes pleasantly dry and refreshing. Each layer of flavor remains distinct and discernible as it adds to the overall depth and complexity. This beer stands its own against backyard steaks and gourmet burgers, and goes remarkably well with raw oysters.


Our take on the Grisette (a centuries-old Belgian and French saison) honors the heritage of the style while adding a subtle modern hoppiness. The result is a beer that seamlessly blends the traditional estery yeast and dry finish with an American hop flavor. Saison tastes great with a rustic charcuterie spread or Chicken Provençal.