Notes of tangerine, grapefruit, apricot, rose petals, and papaya give this delicious DIPA depth and intricate flavor.

Brewing with creativity and balance is Standard Operating Procedure at Reason Beer, and New SOP carries this tradition to bold new ground.

Clocking in at 7.5% ABV, New SOP hovers at the more temperate end of the DIPA spectrum. We’ve taken advantage of cutting edge Cryo Hop technology in order to dial up the flavor without maxing out the booziness. 

Cryo Hops are farm-fresh hops finished with a special cryogenic process that concentrates the resins and aromatic oils of the hop flower and filters out vegetal cone material. The result is a deeply layered palate of citrus and floral flavor with restrained bitterness. New SOP’s subtle underlying malt character supports its complex hoppiness without getting in the way of the flavor.

This beer pours a beautifully clear golden color with a brilliant white sudsy head. New SOP is clean, smooth, and almost dangerously drinkable with a brisk, dry finish.

To celebrate the release of our newest beer, each customer who purchases a pint of New SOP on Saturday will receive a free Reason Beer logo glass.

This beer is very demanding to brew and has a brief window of peak freshness. New SOP will only be available on draft in the Reason Beer Tasting Room and only for a limited time.